The Dark Scythe from Monster Hunter as a 1:1 3D print

Because large weapons present many challenges to recreate with 3D printing, you almost never see any of the hilariously oversized arms from Monster Hunter.

Changing that is a user on Thingiverse who has recreated the Dark Scythe and put it up on the site for anyone to download for free.

While no dimensions are included in the description, the completed scythe looks to be about the same height as a man.

What is included in the description is the fact that only the blade and spikes below it are 3D printed with the handle being a spare piece of wood. keep that in mind if you’re planning on creating any real Monster Hunter weapons this Halloween.

Finally, to the young man in the pictures: please know that we blurred your face out because we didn’t want to use your likeness without your express permission, and not as a sly remark about your looks.

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