City budgets, Christmas drinks and a special guest speaker. Come to Hacks/Hackers Joburg’s year end meetup next week

Happy Thursday, readers. This is a heads-up for any Gauteng-based journalists or data scientists/developers who want to get involved with Hacks/Hackers. If you’ve not come across it before, Hacks/Hackers is a global organisation that works at the intersection of story telling and technology to develop new ways of discovering important information through data analysis, and producing stories in formats relevant to the modern world.

At its best it’s a launchpad for new media startups redefining news for the 21st century. At its least it’s a great networking opportunity to meet people with skills you might need, who want to share. Developers – come learn about storytelling. Journalists, come learn about data mining.

I’m a big fan of Hacks/Hackers (and help co-ordinate the Joburg group) so recommend you all come to this meetup on Tuesday 6th December at JoziHub. Full details below, sign up (for free) here.

Journalists, writers, data scientists and developers: want to use your powers for good and learn how technology, reporting and civic activism intersect? Keen to find out how entrepreneurial storytellers are creating tools that bring narrative to public data and in doing so, democratise it?

Whether you’re a regular member or a curious newcomer, we’d like you to join Hacks/Hackers Johannesburg for a special last-of-the-year festive meet-up at JoziHub on Tuesday 6th December at 6pm. We’ve had a busy and very successful 2016, and we’d like to finish it off with an awesome couple of hours of information, catch-up and networking before Joburg heads into its traditional December lull.

First up, we’ve got a special speaker in the form of former ICFJ/Knight Fellow Raymond Joseph. Joseph is the very definition of an entrepreneurial journalist and one of the country’s leading specialists in data-driven storytelling and journalism.

A veteran with four decades in the industry, Joseph is currently head of the media programme at Code for South Africa, a non-profit civic tech organisation which uses data and tech to promote informed decision-making that drives social change.

Joseph will be talking about Code for South Africa’s latest free tools for journalists and researchers. Municipal Money is a detailed breakdown of the audited details of the finances of every municipality in South Africa in an easy to use format. OpenGazettes is a vital tool which makes South Africa’s national and provincial government gazettes easily searchable and available for free.

As well as Joseph’s talk on Code for South Africa, we’ll also be catching up on the latest from our current flagship project, #HackTheConstitution. This began in May as an investigation in to the best way to turn the text of South Africa’s world-renowned Constitution into a living document that was easily accessible and understandable by all, and as yet another series of national discussions about the relevance of this amazing document kicks off is more needed than ever.

And finally, we’ll be rounding off with drinks at the Beer Yard in 44 Stanley. The first round is on us.


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