This 3D printed Wheatley from Portal 2 can blink an LED eye

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Portal 2’s Intelligence Dampening Sphere Wheatley has made it to the world of 3D printing complete with some electronics.

A maker on MyMiniFactory has uploaded all the files you’ll need to print both Wheatley and a nice little stand with the Aperture logo. You can download the files for free.

But this isn’t just a solid 3D print. Wheatley is hollow and intended to be filled with an LED powered by a coin battery. The thin print which makes up the eye allows some light to diffuse, giving you a nice effect.

The eye also has two shutters so Wheatley can “blink”, giving it a bit more expression.

A short guide on how to replicate this project can be found on the MyMiniFactory page. Now we wait for the conversion that replaces the battery with a potato.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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