The famous Golden Gun from James Bond, now in 3D printed plastic

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Despite its endearing popularity, we’ve never featured a 3D print from the James Bond franchise before, but that changes with this Golden Gun that was featured in the 1974 film, but rose to infamy in the N64 game.

Maker Brian Moman (the man behind Variable Penguin Designs) started this project as a present for his father. Not content with just replicating the gun, he wanted to also print out the individual pieces which could then be assembled into a prop firearm.

To that end Moman got to work in Fusion 360 and completed the model in around one week. Printing took about 16 hours to do, eating up 85 grams of filament.

The raw plastic was painted using Rust-Oleum’s metallic bright gold, which is all that’s needed here given the single-colour nature of the design.

The pen, cufflink, cigarette box and lighter all fit together to make a gun that is 230 X 18 X 115 millimetres. There’s even a separate bullet which can be loaded into it.

The assembled gun, the bullet and a few other items were placed in a shadowbox for Christmas. Moman tells us that his dad was wowed by the gift, and rightfully so. The print is now mounted on a wall beside an autographed picture of Roger Moore.

if you’d like to make your own Golden Gun, the files to do so are available for free from Thingiverse.

We asked Moman about the possibility of inserting functional items into the print – such as disassembling the pain parts of a cheap lighter and fitting them into the plastic. He tells us that this probably wouldn’t work due to space limitations and a danger of melting.

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