This Niffler is your own 3D printed fantastic beast

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We’ve featured a many great fan creations from the Harry Potter movies in the past – Spectrespecs and a functional Daily Prophet to name just two – but today we finally have something from the Fantastic Beasts in this recreation of a Niffler.

Maker Mathew Delapa is the man behind this project, which was modelled in Blender over the course of around 12 hours.

“It’s been my go to software of choice for modelling organics. I’ve been using Blender [for] roughly 5 months now,” Delapa says, “I found it fairly easy to learn as a beginner and the amount of versatility it offers the users is astonishing considering its a free and open sourced program.”

Printing took slightly longer at 15 hours as this was made to be quite sizeable. As such this print is 18 centimetres tall and around 10 centimetres wide. We’re not sure if any measurements exist in the fiction for this character, but it looks close enough to a 1:1 scale when comparing it to what we see in the movie.

The raw plastic was sanded down both manually and with a rotary tool, the latter of which is apparently great at removing the supports here. The final details were hand sanded with up to 800 grit until the print was ready for painting which was done with acrylics.

As is appropriate for a Niffler, the pouch and hands are designed to hold coins, a few of which you can see in the gallery below. We’d love to see someone take this print and automate it into a novelty moving piggy bank.

If you’d like to make your own version of this print, the files are available for free over on MyMiniFactory. There you will also see that this design can look a bit odd before paint.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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