Watch a mad man solo the final boss in Destiny 2’s Leviathan raid

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Destiny 2’s raids are pinnacle activities that usually require a team of six players to complete.

We say “usually” because there are many instances where players have completed raids with just two people or in some extreme cases, one person.

The first raid in Destiny 2 was the Leviathan raid which culminates in a fight against Emperor Calus. The fight is made slightly more complex thanks to the fact that at one point the regular six person fire team is split up into two teams of three players so that the damage phase of the fight can be initiated.

For a long time folks have been taking on Calus with just two people. The fight is intense but it is possible to complete with just two people. How about just one person though? Surely one person isn’t mad enough to take on the Cabal Emperor alone?

Yesterday Twitch streamer and member of speed-running clan Redeem, known only as Sweatcicle managed to complete the fight against Calus with well, nobody else.

Technically Sweatcicle completed the encounter using two different characters but he was playing both at the same time.

We must point out that this is not Sweatcicle completing the entire raid alone, that would be madness. Instead it appears as if Sweatcicle is using a checkpoint from a previous attempt to load straight into the final boss fight.

So what is happening here?

The screen at the bottom left corner is a Warlock running Nova Bomb that has the job of dealing with enemies that spawn while the other character (another Warlock running Well of Radiance) remains idle.

The second phase of the fight sees the Nova Warlock return to the room with Calus (the big space rhino in the centre of the room) and clearing enemies while the Well of Radiance Warlock deals with Psion’s which need to be killed in the spirit realm.

At this stage Sweat has to shoot as many skulls that pour out of the big purple head to get a buff known as Force of Will which makes damaging Calus easier.

The problem is that to get to this particular phase of the encounter somebody is meant to deal with (read: kill) Psions in the Throne Room which in turn creates a barrier in the spirit realm that stops those players from being sucked into Calus’ mouth and dying. This is why you can see Sweatcicle running and sliding backwards, away from the mouth. It’s a cheese of the encounter in a way but it’s incredible tricky to get right.

After eventually getting this right Sweatcicle can then proceed to damaging Calus and completing the encounter.

Redeem is well-known for crazy antics such as this. The clan has made a habit of completing Destiny 2 raids in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. Our favourite is the completion of the Last Wish raid below which was done without firing a single bullet from a weapon.

For anybody who doesn’t have 40+ minutes to spend watching a raid, try out this speed-run of the Scourge of the Past raid done in just eight minutes and three seconds which was also done by Redeem.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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