Manchester United’s Old Trafford is now a 3898 piece LEGO set

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In a bit of unexpected news the latest LEGO set to be announced is the famous Old Trafford stadium, home to Manchester United.

With 3 898 pieces this rather substantial set measures in at 47 X 39 X 18.5 centimetres, which apparently translates to a 1:600 scale replica.

This encompasses the entire structure around the field and is made in a modular fashion. Yes we know that everything made of LEGO is technically modular, but here the individual sections of the stands can be separated from the main field and then quickly joined back together.

This allows you to better appreciate the details you may not be able to see when everything is enclosed, and it offers different options for display.

All of this costs $299.99 / €269.99 / £249.99 depending on where you live. As always those of us outside of the major LEGO countries can expect to pay the UK price plus the extra fees for things like import duties.

This set will be available from 16th January for LEGO VIP members. If you’re not one of these members or live somewhere without this programme, the general release will be on 1st February.

Something that some will notice missing here is minifigures to represent the club’s players. Unfortunately the regular LEGO minifigure just wouldn’t fit into this scale. That being said buyers of the set in Asian territories will actually receive a promotional gift when buying Old Trafford. This gift is a small stand and features three minifigures representing Bobby Charlton, Dennis Law and George Best.

Regardless of this omission we’re sure this set will bring in many who aren’t already LEGO fans. While the Danish toy giant has created products centred around soccer in the past (yes, we call it soccer here), it hasn’t done something this substantial with it in some time.

[Via – Brickset]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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