htxt.africast – A new breed of videogame TV show adaptations

The world hasn’t ended yet which means it’s a new week and a new edition of the africast.

Starting off with some news and we discuss some free courses from Unisa to learn local languages, ICASA’s moves for high demand spectrum with the prospect of an invitation to apply, and MTN’s rather weird rollout of 5G in the country.

Our main topic this week, however, is videogame adaptations. In previous years this would be about movies, but now the focus is about TV shows. Recent announcements for series based on Fallout, The Last of Us, My Friend Pedro and Disco Elysium means that the next few years will be rather populated by series based on games.

The Witcher series has also proven that these endeavours can be successful, so what does the future hold? Fallout especially is an interesting test case as it could easily fit into live action, animation and even an anthology series approach to present the various stories of the vaults and the wasteland.

It’s also worth considering that the pandemic shows no signs of stopping which makes live action more difficult to create. These future shows may be more on the animated side as artists can still work from home.

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