AI isn’t the tool of choice for cybercriminals, yet

The ever-rising popularity of artificial intelligence brings with it fears of how the technology will influence cybercrime. The inhuman capabilities of AI when given basic tasks is incredible and naturally folks, ourselves included, have wondered how cybercriminals plan to leverage it.

The good news is that at the moment, the use of artificial intelligence in cybercrime is limited thanks to the sheer amount of compute power required but this could change over time.

To find out more about how cybersecurity professionals and those on the front line view AI, we invited filed chief technology officer at Sophos, John Shier to The Discourse.

In this episode we discuss how AI is used by cybercriminals, the long history of AI’s implementation in cybersecurity, and what threats AI presents to businesses. There is both good news and cause for concern so be sure to give this episode a listen, especially if you’re a business owner or head up a cybersecurity team.

[Image – Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay]


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