htxt.africast – Microsoft skills, Twitter hack and Ghost of Tsushima

This week’s africast comes to you from a very cold Johannesburg, along with Eskom confirming that no further loadshedding is expected at the time of recording. We focus on two important news stories, as well as a recent review of a PS4-exclusive game, with the latter launching today.

Starting with the news, however, and it’s Microsoft SA, which recently unpacked how its digital skills initiative will be delivered locally. This initiative was initially announced at the end of June, with the company aiming to assist 25 million people across the globe access tools for digital skills development.

The next piece of news is far less positive, as this week we were greeted by a hack on Twitter, which saw several high-profile accounts being taken over in a Bitcoin scam. As it turned out it was not simply the accounts that were hacked, but Twitter itself, with social engineering tactics by hackers being cited as the cause.

As mentioned, the meat of this africast is focused on Ghost of Tsushima, which launches today exclusively on the PS4. We discuss what did and did not work on this Sucker Punch Productions developed title, including the formulaic structure and breathtaking visuals. It also happens to be one of the last few exclusives landing on the PS4 before the PS5 launches later this year, and comes highly recommended.

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