htxt.africast – WFH fatigue has set in

Through more technical problems and the ongoing pandemic, the africast is back again this week.

For the fastball news today we have some very expensive new cameras from Canon, student polling results from online exams in South Africa, and a large increase in PC shipments which are promising, but likely a flash in the pan.

Our main story today is a continuation of one we had at the start of the South African lockdown, and that is around working from home. For many 2020 has been the year that the office environment died and has been replaced with online work.

We weigh in on our we’re doing in that department together with some broader insight thanks to studies from various sources. It seems that working from home has generally been a good thing but it can have some nasty side effects for both employees and employers.

Hopefully by the time we discuss this topic again it’s because working from home is optional and not made mandatory because of COVID-19.

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