htxt.africast – All about the Xbox Series X and Series S

It’s been quite the week. Aside from everything else going on in the world Microsoft finally unveiled its Xbox Series S and Series X consoles to finally give us the first details about the next generation. Let’s look at it in this africast.

Before that, however, we have some smaller fish to fry. LEGO has announced some sets which may come out in the future, including one based on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. Huawei recently announced some new devices, with the exclusion of phones, and Netflix’s The Social Dilemma has some sub B-movie schlock to accompany an otherwise good documentary.

As for Xbox several leaks and rumours forced Microsoft to officially announce the Series S, the smaller, cheaper, all-digital little sibling to the Series S. This unveiling gave us the first price for consoles in the next gen, and then lead to the pricing and release date announcements for the Series X too.

We look at all of that on top of what PC manufacturers are doing to prepare for the next gen, the great value of Xbox Game Pass, and where Nintendo sits in all of this.

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