htxt.africast – IFA 2020, but from home

Tech trade show IFA is currently taking place, albeit online, and plenty of hardware manufacturers have been revealing their latest and greatest, so we’re talking about them in this edition of the africast.

For our shorter segments this week we talk about 2020’s Mulan, the return of loadshedding and Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3. To summarise those three are boring, irritating and impressive respectively. The Surface Laptop 3 we have on review may even convince a long time Apple fan to switch over from their MacBook.

The big announcement this week was Nvidia and its 30 series of graphics cards, however. These impressed by not only being much more powerful than the previous gen 20 series, but also priced in such a way that you could even throw around the word “affordable”.

Unfortunately local retailer Evetech put 30 series cards from manufacturers up on pre-order and the prices, at least at the time of recording, are close to double that of the USD RRP after conversion. Hopefully this is just some kind of speculative pricing and not a sign of things to come where South Africans won’t benefit from the consumer-friendly pricing of the 30 series.

We also touch on some big announcements from Intel, Qualcomm, MSI, Acer and more.

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