htxt.africast – Digging into those confusing unemployment stats

This week Stats SA made waves in the country by releasing a survey into the labour force for the latest quarter, which uncovered some shocking numbers about the unemployment levels in South Africa. In this africast we look at these numbers and the odd way Stats SA has reinvented the wheel when it comes to the definition of unemployment.

Before that, however, we have our shorter segments. First up is the ludicrously expensive Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. We had the R50K device in for review and we share more thoughts into the exciting and expensive new world of foldable phones.

Sticking with handhelds the Nintendo Switch made news when an official arm of Nintendo reminded everyone to charge the Switch every sixth months, sparking fears of the battery longevity of the device.

Finally in our short segments we return to Huawei, with the latest about the company being poor coding practices discovered by an organisation the UK, making it the latest development for the company in that region.

For the meat and potatoes this week, the Stats SA Quarterly Labour Force Survey for Q2 2020 was released. On top of the high unemployment rate the country is known for, things have not improved thanks to the pandemic and local lockdown.

Added to this, Stats SA has introduced a new definition for certain classes of unemployed people. The “Official Definition” and “Expanded Definition” of unemployment have confused many, so we try and clear the air about these terms and the people they represent.

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