htxt.africast – iPhone 12 and the case of the missing charger

It is a hardware-centric episode of the africast this week as we talk about the new batch of iPhones announced by Apple.

Before that, however, is some quick news, which also has a hardware slant. First up is the RTX 3080 which we finally got our hands on locally thanks to Gigabyte. It’s just as good as we were hoping and you can check out our review (as well as links to everything else we discussed) down below.

Next up is the University of South Africa (Unisa), which is once again giving students 30GB of mobile data per month for current October/November exams but, as we discuss, this isn’t as great as it sounds.

Finally it’s time for wearable, as we recently had the Huawei Watch Fit in for review. Find out how it compares to other wearables on the market, including alternate options from Huawei itself.

Then we get into the meat and potatoes of the africast – the quartet of iPhone 12 devices from Apple. These are the first 5G iPhones from the company, but we also look at the range at a macro level, focusing on some of the new silicon that Apple has developed for it.

We also discuss the big news about these iPhones won’t come with a charger in its packaging. Despite claims that this will help with the environment we have some serious misgivings about the problems it will cause, and the dubious nature of those environment claims in the first place.

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