GPD Win 3 Windows gaming handheld will start at $799

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The latest Windows handheld from GPD – the Win 3 – now has a revealed and revised price – with early backers able to get the machine starting at $799 (~R11 783).

As a quick reminder the Win 3 is a device which just about copies the form factor of the Sony Vaio UX. It’s comparable in size to the Nintendo Switch Lite, and features a 720p screen that is 5.5inches. The other internals include 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD.

Two options for CPUs are available here. The lesser i5-1135G7 is the cheaper option and will come with that $799 price tag. The beefier i7-1165G7 will cost $899 (~R13 257). You can see how both of these perform in games in our story here. 

Both of these prices have actually been decreased since GPD announced them a few days ago. Originally the i5-1135G7 was $829 (~R12 225) and the i7-1165G7 was $969 (~R14 290). The new lower prices come from “hard negotiation[s] with logistics and supplier[s]” according to GPD.

Like most of GPD’s products these prices relate to what backers will be paying on Indiegogo when the Win 3 crowdfunding campaign goes live in the near future. GPD has made a habit of funding all its handhelds this way and has delivered every time, so this is more of a pre-order system than actual crowdfunding to get the Win 3 off the ground.

It’s likely that the prices listed above will go up once the crowdfunding is over and for those who want to buy it immediately once it’s released.

Also announced with these prices is the fact that the black colourway – see the header image above – will be the default. The silver version which has been shown off multiple times in the past will now be an Indiegogo exclusive for the crowdfunding.

No official date for the start of the crowdfunding campaign has been provided yet.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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