The Free State had the highest Matric pass rate at 85.1 percent

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The Deputy Minister of Basic Education, Doctor Reginah Mhaule, just streamed out her keynote address announcing the Matric 2020 exam pass rate to be 76.2 percent in South Africa, but how does this play out in a province to province basis?

  • “The Free State is the leading province at 85.1%, a decline of 3.2% from 2019;
  • Gauteng achieved at 83.8%, a 3.5% decline from 2019;
  • Western Cape achieved 79.9%, a decline of 2.4% improvement from 2019;
  • KwaZulu-Natal achieved at 77.6%, a decline of 3.7% from 2019;
  • North West achieved at 76.2%, a decline of 10.6% from 20219;
  • Mpumalanga achieved at 73.7%, a 6.6% decline from 2019;
  • Limpopo achieved at 68.2%, a 5.0% decline from 2019;
  • Eastern Cape achieved at 68.1%, a decline of 8.3% from 2019; and
  • Northern Cape achieved at 66.0%, a 10.5% decline from 2019.”

Mhaule provides the figures above in her keynote with the worrying fact that three of the country’s provinces are under 70 percent. Mhaule also speaks about these results in relation to school fees.

“It is interesting to note from the analyses of the performance of the Class of 200 by fee-paying status, that the Free State is ranked first in all its fee-paying, ‘no fee’, and Government subsidised schools that write the NSC exams; while Mpumalanga’s fee-paying schools are ranked second; but their ‘no fee’ and Government subsidised schools are ranked fifth and sixth, respectively; and Limpopo’s fee-paying schools are ranked third; while their ‘no fee’ and Government subsidised schools are ranked seventh and fourth, respectively. It is for this reason that we are consolidating our work on an inclusive basket of criteria, which will use other critical variables, over and above overall pass numbers and percentages,” the deputy minister’s keynote continues.

Fees associated with learning seem to be a contentious topic for the Department of Basic Education (DBE). Prior to the release of the Matric exam results the DBE put out a general warning to all schools trying to charge parents an illegal “registration fee”.

The “it is in your hands” image used above is the front page art for the National Senior Certificate 2020 Examination Report. It, along with other important articles for Matric students and their parents, can be find below.

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