htxt.africast – Games that have died twice

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This week’s africast has a rather unique main topic as we discuss Anthem and Artifact as more games seem to be promised for a second life after launch but have now found themselves cancelled.

Before that, however, let’s talk news. NSFAS recently put out a statement saying that students should avoid the fake news of a falsified document being spread around that seemingly only got traction because of many students being left in the lurch when it comes to funding. Next up is the continue spectrum struggle for internet in South Africa, and we end on another local tech caper as the upcoming WhatsApp privacy update gets speculation from government.

Now onto the main topic and we tackle games which were dead on launch, seemed to be revived, and have now been killed again. Anthem and Artifact share this fate with the former being blamed on COVID-19 and the latter – probably more honestly – failing to create a playerbase for a multiplayer-focused card game. These games seem to be indicative of a culture which demands games are released as soon as possible and get constant updates, but is that the consumer’s fault, the natural progression of things, or the shareholders pushing to make more money? It’s certainly the shareholder thing but the conversation is more interesting than that.

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