NSFAS students: avoid this scam targeting your wallets

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has issued yet another warning to the students it helps fund as there’s a scam going around to try and access NSFAS wallet funds.

“SCAM ALERT!! If you have received this communication [regarding] your NSFAS Wallet allowances, please note that it is a scam,” the organisation writes.

The communication it references is provided as the screenshot you can see below which encourages students to get in contact via WhatsApp.

“Report any suspicious messages or calls from fraudsters to the Vuvuzela Hotline on 0860 247 653 and do NOT share your personal details,” NSFAS continues.

Scams targeting students and their wallets have been happening rather frequently. In March a fake document claiming to be a “circular notice” did the rounds trying to prey on those who were trying to appeal decisions for funding. A month before that, in February, a fake website was being shared that encouraged students to login in an attempt to steal their NSFAS credentials.

This latest attempt at theft makes these scams a monthly occurrence and, while frustrating to see so often, NSFAS is at least alerting the public to them in a bid to keep them safe.

In response to the news, however, many students are experiencing frustration of another kind. On Twitter, for example, there are hundreds of replies mostly discussing various problems experienced with NSFAS and student funding.

For students also struggling we’ve written up several stories which you may be interested, especially around wallets and the ways you can interact with them:

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