PC / PlayStation crossplay arrives in Fall Guys today

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Today Season 4.5 of Fall Guys will be released bringing all manner of changes to the game with arguably the biggest being crossplay of PC and PlayStation 4 players.

This was revealed on Reddit with an official breakdown of the changes posted to /r/FallGuysGame here.

Under the “features” section is where we get the news about crossplay:

Custom Lobbies (known previously as Private Lobbies) are now open to everyone, with an improved experience! You can start games with as few as four players, and PC and PS4 players can play together.

PC and PS4 players can now matchmake together in all game modes! (Cross-platform parties are not possible yet)

New Player Reporting feature for if you spot potential cheaters. We’ll never act solely on reports (reports help us with cross referencing) and we’ll never ban anyone for grabbing or using in-game mechanics in a normal fashion.

Improved latency when grabbing objects or mantling. Things should be much more responsive now

In-game visual indicator to show connection quality to help troubleshoot issues. Wondering if you disconnected? Wonder no more!

While this news is very welcome it does come at a strange time. The Epic Games versus Apple lawsuit currently ongoing right now recently revealed some nasty things about PlayStation as a whole and its aversion to crossplay. We’re not sure if Sony is as aggressive toward a relatively smaller game like Fall Guys, but we didn’t expect to see this happen after that reveal.

We’ve also seen some Fall Guys players worried that cheaters on PC will now affect those trying to play normally on PlayStation. Cheating in causal games like Fall Guys and Among Us has been a perennial problem but hopefully things will be shored up in this regard when Season 4.5 comes out later today.

On that note we don’t know when the update will be live. As explained below these changes happen at a secret time so that developer Mediatonic can stay on top of any issues. While not mentioned in the tweet we have to imagine that a rollout like this also reduces the chances of everyone jumping into the game as soon as the update is live and causing server issues.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.