Fallout: New Vegas wearable helmet sells out almost instantly

Wearable versions of fictional videogame helmets have become a popular type of collectible, with the Doom franchise recently offering such a thing for the classic game as well as Eternal. Now Bethesda is doing the same again for Fallout: New Vegas, but stock has already vanished.

A few hours ago the official Bethesda store opened up pre-orders for a wearable version of the NCR Desert Ranger Helmet for a limited drop of 500. We had to divert our attention for a short while to catch up on a Twitch stream and, when we got back, every single one was taken.

We’re not sure if this is another case of scalpers and bots hoovering up stock for resale, or there’s just immense fandom for New Vegas that wants this helmet. It could, as usual, be a mix of both.

So what was on offer that was so appealing? The “NCR Desert Ranger Helmet Bundle” costs $140 (~R1 970) and contains the helmet, an NCR metal belt buckle and a 20.32 centimetre window sticker with the words “More Ferocious than a Deathclaw” written on it.

The helmet, aside from being wearable, also features LEDs and has this listed under its specs:

• Dimensions: Approx. 12.28 x 12.21 x 13.23 in (31.19 x 31.01 x 33.6 cm)
• Fits up to a XL Helmet Size
• Adjustable inner straps
• Head strap diameter: Approx. 20 in – 25 in (53-62 cm)
• Comes with display stand
• Hand-painted
• Green visor light
• Powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included)

Interestingly the store page for the bundle states that the helmets are painted by hand so no two will be the same. Also: the helmet stand, sticker and belt buckle are all only renders with the final version still pending. It looks like things are far from ready to ship despite all the units selling out.

Estimated shipping for the sold out bundles is expected to happen in December 2021 so that’s when we’ll likely see them hit places like eBay.

For those who missed the boat on this, and don’t want to pay second hand scalper prices, there are alternatives out there. Several third parties with dubious licences offer replicas of the Ranger helmet if you don’t mind going off brand. Etsy is also filled with options made by individuals and smaller companies.

Those with a 3D printer and the skills to make their own can also find files readily available on Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory.


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