Here’s the complicated South African pricing for Battlefield 2042

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Late last night local time Battlefield 2042 was revealed to the world after countless leaks and teases. While its near future setting and classic Battlefield gameplay look good, what we’re more interested in is the localised pricing for South Africans.

Things are more complex than it may seem due to the fact that there are three different versions of the game on all platforms, and the next-gen console prices are also heftier.

Let’s go over the three editions of the game before we go further, ignoring the pre-order bonuses and discounts.

• Standard Edition: Just the game. No frills.
• Gold Edition: Includes beta access and year one pass.
• Ultimate Edition: Includes beta access, year one pass, Midnight Ultimate Bundle (cosmetic bundle), digital art book and soundtrack.

When looking at the prices of everything below just keep in mind that everything is correct at the time of writing. EA may change the localised pricing at some later stage, or the conversion rate may shift affecting the comparisons.

For those on PC the game will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store and Origin. While these three usually have different pricing that isn’t the case here as Battlefield 2042 is the same across the trio.

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of Battlefield 5 is unique because it is more expensive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S compared to last-gen consoles. The older machines, as well as PC, get it for $60 while the newer ones are paying $70.

As we look at the other editions below keep in mind that they are the same price across all hardware in the US.

• US price (PS4 | Xbox One | PC): $60 ≈ R818.52
• South African price (PS4 | Xbox One | PC): R999.95
• US price (PS5 | Xbox Series X & S): $70 ≈ R954.94
• South African price (PS5): R1 069
• South African price (Xbox Series X & S): R1 095.99

Gold Edition 

• US price (PC): $90 ≈ R1 228
• South African price (PC): R1 299.95
• US price (all consoles): $100 ≈ R1 364,44
• South African price (PS4 & PS5): R1 479
• South African price (Xbox Series X & S): R1 499.95

Ultimate Edition 

• US price (PC): $110 ≈ R1 500.88
• South African price (PC): R 1 599.95
• US price (all consoles): $120 ≈ R1 637.33
• South African price (PS4 & PS5): R1 700
• South African price (Xbox Series X & S): R1 699.95


Okay that was a lot of numbers. If you want to avoid comparisons simply choose your platform and the edition you want and see how much it is locally.

Compared to the US we are overpaying for every single edition across every platform, which is a damn shame. Localised pricing is supposed to reflect the market and living conditions of the country and adjust the price accordingly.

We’re not sure if anyone has checked lately, but South Africa is not the United States and our economy is not comparable but, despite this, we’re expected to pay more for our digital goods.

This is a double slap in the face as it’s not like EA has to pay through the nose to physically ship discs to our country – all the prices above are taken from the digital stores.

All we can say right now is please don’t pre-order Battlefield 2042. As a multiplayer-focused game we have no idea how stable the severs will be at launch, or if the game is worth your money in the first place. Wait for the reviews.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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