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A lot has happened in South Africa and the rest of the world this week so let’s talk about some of it in this africast, with the headliner being the much discussed gig economy and its treatment of workers.

Before that let’s talk news, starting with a Mozilla crowdsourced investigation into YouTube. Its findings reveal what many have theorised for a long time: that the YouTube algorithm is fundamentally broken and very happy to recommend videos that skirt Youtube’s own rules in terms of troubling content.

Next up is Formula E that has confirmed to be coming to Cape Town in 2022, assuming a more favourable pandemic situation presents itself by the time we’re in a new year. South Africa used to be a haven for motorsport with Formula One routinely stopping here, but those days are long gone. Hopefully Formula E becomes a permanent fixture for SA and more motorsport events return.

Finally for news it’s the new OLED model of the aged Nintendo Switch. It was announced to absolutely no fanfare as the upgrades over the previous console are minute. With much of the world rather expecting a fabled “Nintendo Switch Pro”, the OLED mode has thoroughly disappointed.

Our main topic this week is the Fairwork Project and its 2021 report looking at the worker treatment in the gig economy in South Africa. This report rates most platforms available to gig workers in South Africa and assigns them a numerical score based on criteria such as fair working conditions, fair pay, fair contracts and more.

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