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As August gets closer to closing out, the africast returns this week to talk about the possibility of unmanned stores in South Africa after Shoprite Holdings revealed a concept store allowing customers to take what they want and leave, being charged automatically to a card.

Before that, however, it’s the news with rather grim reading this week. The first is the fact that data breach costs have been breaking records and the problem is, unfortunately, alive and well in South Africa, possibly as a result of an increased reliance on the internet during the pandemic.

Next up is OnlyFans making the bizarre choice to move away from adult content which made it so popular – and successful – in the first place. Can it survive this or will it turn out to be another Tumblr?

Finally it’s Frostpunk 2 with its developer and publisher calling out grey market site Kinguin for a listing of its game that appears to be a scam. Grey markets have been a scourge on the gaming industry for too long so it’s nice to see the people behind the games calling them out.

Our big topic this week is Checkers Rush, a concept store with no employees and a focus on automation. Shoprite Holdings revealed it this week and the timing is awful with South Africa unemployment at record highs due to the pandemic.

Should this concept be adopted as a real retail store it could mean more loss of jobs in the future. We also discuss some stores which inspired Checkers Rush, such as the Amazon Go stores in America.

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