htxt.africast – Reviews for your Christmas buying consideration

As 2021 dwindles down we get ever closer to Black Friday and Christmas so, in this edition of the africast, we discuss some recent products that have landed on the review desk to help you in the right direction when spending your money.

Before that this week saw NSFAS finally reveal the opening date of its 2022 applications, which is on 2nd November. This date has been much anticipated by students looking for funding but has been pushed out by the organisation upgrading their systems for smoother operations.

Next up is the Xiaomi 11T Pro a phone that we don’t have on review (yet) but looks to be a great flagship at mid-range pricing. It’s the latest of Chinese phones coming into South Africa and offering value for money as their main selling point in the Android phone space.

Finally for smaller stories its Bezos and his space ambitions now extending to a “business park” in space that sounds daft but may actually be promising if it ever materialises.

For our reviews we’re looking at a new gaming laptop from Gigabyte, one of the aforementioned Chinese Android phones and a couple of games. All of these are worth your consideration in some regard especially with potential sales coming around. The PC shortages have made desktop components expensive and hard to come by which makes gaming laptops more appealing, the TECNO Spark is a decent budget offering and Metroid Dread is a mixed bag for newcomers.

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