htxt.africast – Tech shopping this festive season is going to be pricey

After a week of loadshedding we’re sure South Africans are looking forward to a weekend with electricity, barring Eskom declaring it has lost generation capacity.

Following a break last week brought about by said loadshedding, this week we dive back into the africast with a range of news stories.

First up we take a look at the Tipoffs app launched by BDO this week. The app gives whistleblowers the ability to report white collar crime anonymously.

Then we chat about YouTube’s bizarre decision to remove the Dislike count from public view but still allow users to dislike a video. Importantly creators can still see the Dislike count in their channel analytics.

Then we take a look at the various issues that have plagued NASA’s most recent missions to and from the International Space Station.

For the main topic of the show we take a look at the current price and availability of tech including consoles, GPUs and other components. With component shortages still plaguing the hardware sector, this festive shopping season is likely to be more muted and we discuss what you should be shopping for if anything.

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