Halo X Fall Guys announced with parody Believe trailer

One of the most famous game trailers of all time is “Believe”, the promotional video for Halo 3 that used models of a battle in the game combined with swelling music to create an all time classic.

That was back in May 2012. Now, more than a decade later, a parody of Believe has been created to announced the crossover of Halo with Fall Guys.

This parody – which is also just called “Believe” and can be watched in the embed below – ushers in an event called Spartan Showdown.

We don’t have the full details of this just yet but we are provided a short summary.

“We’re so excited to announce that we have a certain Spartan themed event coming to Fall Guys very soon! Spartan Showdown comes to Fall Guys on June 30th, complete challenges to unlock spartan themed rewards!” the description reads.

The end of the trailers shows off some new cosmetics that we can expect as well as the dates for the event which will start on 30th June and run until 4th July.

It will be very interesting to see how this pans out because Fall Guys is making the jump to a free to play (F2P) model later this month on 21st June.

Spartan Showdown may be the first big crossover and event in general for the game after going F2P.

This change in format almost perfectly mirrors Rocket League which was similarly bought out by Epic Games, turned F2P and removed from Steam, a fate that will also befall Fall Guys.


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