PUBG art contest winner walks away with $5000

An artist has won themselves $5 000 (~R79k) by winning a recent PUBG art contest focused on footwear.

The contest tasked participants with creating a design which could be turned into a skin for use in the game.

The five finalists, announced right at the end of May, then went into a public vote to determine the winner.

That winner is Steam user RoccoNro** (the name is truncated by the organiser for anonymity, not because it’s got an unsavoury word in it). Their entry, which you can see below, walked away with more than a quarter of the public votes.

“Congratulations RoccoNro** (Steam), and thank you for your absolutely beautiful design. Your submission has earned an astounding 25.15% of total votes by our fans from all around the globe! Your design will be created as an in-game shoe skin by our teams and added to the game early next year!” an announcement reads. 

As for the exact time when this design will be available a date isn’t provided, but “first half of 2023” is stated.

The semi-finalists who didn’t win don’t walk away with nothing, instead earning 50 000 G-Coin, an in-game currency in PUBG. A 13 000 G-Coin bundle costs $99 (~R1 555) so it’s a decent win for those who want to keep playing the game.

Overall this seems like a success all around where the community gets a new cosmetic they voted on and a member of the community has their work inserted into the game along with money for their hard work.

Hopefully more contests like this are on the horizon not just in PUBG but other titles as it’s such a good idea.


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