Halo X Fall Guys Spartan Showdown goes live

When Fall Guys recently made the jump to free to play, one of the big events promised to accompany the change was Spartan Showdown, a crossover with Halo which is now live.

The event comes with a host of Halo-themed cosmetics which can be unlocked with points, with the breakdown as follows:

  • “Spartan at Heart (Nickname) – 100 points
  • 200 Kudos – 200 points
  • SPARTAN (Nameplate) – 500 points
  • AI Construct (Pattern) – 700 points
  • Purrfect Helmet – Upper (Costume) – 1000 points.”

You can see the “Purrfect Helmet”: in the image below, taking the form of a pink Spartan helmet with cat ears. In the announcement for Spartan Showdown this choice of cosmetic was picked “because reasons” and, well, that’s good enough for us.

So for what players will be doing during the event, the focus is on balls.

“The Spartan Showdown event is bringing big blast ball energy. You know Blast Balls – you pick them up, throw them at others, they expand until they burst and create untold hilarity,” the announcement reads.

You can see some of this action in a video released for the event which parodies the famous “Believe” trailer made for Halo 3.

Fall Guys and Halo fans who want to participate should jump in ASAP as Spartan Showdown will not last long, though there is incentive to play a lot in the limited time.

“Every level in the Spartan Showdown has its own 117-nspired variation. And every level will have its own Helmet to collect that counts toward your event challenges! Running for 5 days only, you’ve gotta get some games in soon to unlock these goodies!” continues the event description.


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