htxt.africast – Tech tips and loadshedding

This edition of the africast is sponsored by Dell. You can explore the new Dell EcoLoop backpack, and its other tech accessories here.

As South Africa goes into another cold winter weekend under loadshedding the africast returns with another episode on tech tips both for when the lights are out, and when they’re not.

Just before the tech tips let’s start with news and the US Democratic Party that wants better personal information safeguards for software around women’s health apps, which could lead to massive rights violations as Roe v. Wade has been overturned.

Next up is Musk continuing his crusade to be as insufferable as possible, forcing Tesla employees back in the office only for them to find no desks to work at and problems with WiFi.

Lastly for the smaller stories this week is the Steam Deck which remains the top seller on Steam. Elden Ring on the other hand, which has been on the top selling list ever since its release in February, has finally fallen away.

And on to our main topic this week we share some of the tech tips that we use in our everyday lives with an emphasis on surviving when the electricity is out. From battery lamps to checking your important Windows files after a sudden PC crash when the power goes out, we cover a lot of ground.

For those who are lucky enough to live in an area (or country) relatively untouched by loadshedding, we also have some tips to share around topics like improving the Disney+ experience and turning your phone into a universal remote.

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