htxt.africast – Will all of gaming migrate to the cloud?

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We are firmly in August now and a new week means a new episode of the africast, this time discussing a potential future for gaming where you own nothing and rent everything.

Before the main topic this week we touch on some news starting with the UCT High School which has broadened its horizons when it comes to qualifications. This endeavour is very exciting in the country as it offers a private education for much less than physical high schools, but we’ll need to see how things play out.

Next up is Uber Eats and the ability for drivers to sell advertising on the top-boxes of their bikes and scooters. This is a potentially lucrative opening for drivers and, according to Uber, they are free to pursue this venture without involving the company at all.

This week also saw another Pokémon Presents stream which revealed more about the upcoming games including the new gimmick. Like most past gimmicks reactions so far have been on the negative side, especially because it makes Pokémon look like Swarovski glass figures.

On to our main topic this week and we look at the current realities of gaming and the high cost of entry, even for the cheapest current gen consoles. The PC market has been blown up by the pandemic and corporate greed making it even more unobtainable for the average gamer, so where to next?

Cloud gaming is one possibility for the future as it allows anyone with an internet connect to play games. While connectivity has been an issue in the past we can see widespread adoption happening soon especially because companies can turn the industry into a monthly payment service, which they all seem to love.

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