Leak suggests Xbox Game Pass for sharing with friends is on the way

Earlier this month Microsoft confirmed that it was testing the ability to share access to its Xbox Game Pass platform with family members.

This test was limited to two countries, Ireland and Columbia, but a leaked piece of information over the weekend suggests Game Pass could be expanding the test.

Here we are not talking about more countries, but rather sharing access with friends. This according to noted leaker, Aggiornamenti Lumia, who shared an image on Twitter suggesting that Microsoft is readying to test out both a friends and family option for Game Pass.

We’ll need to take this one with a generous pinch of salt as further details on the leak are thin on the ground. That said, as Xbox looks to continue to differentiate itself from PlayStation with Game Pass, adding the functionality would be yet another feather in the cap of a system that is garnering more fans by the month.

While Microsoft is yet to officially comment on the matter, the sparse information surrounding this leak says the Ultimate plan for the subscription service is where the aforementioned sharing would be made available, with a more expensive option allowing for as many as four other people to gain access. The only subscription for this plan, is that all four people reside in the same country.

If that is indeed what Microsoft is planning, it would be hard to look beyond Game Pass in terms of a great value for money in the current gaming landscape.

As Microsoft aims to add more elements to its already impressive offering, eyes are now turning to PlayStation, which has failed to win many over when it comes to its remodelled version of PS Plus.

[Image – Photo by Billy Freeman on Unsplash]


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