The must-see cosplay of Comic Con Africa 2022

Today is the first day of Comic Con Africa 2022 and we’ve been wandering the halls of the Johannesburg Expo Centre capturing all the amazing work that local artists have put into their cosplay.

Below you can find our huge gallery of pictures we grabbed while walking around. While Comic Con Africa 2022 has dedicated cosplay events – find all the details here – these pictures come from the show floor where you can catch the cosplayers and maybe snap a picture of your own with them.

Another point to mention here is that Comic Con Africa is a four day event taking place between 22nd and 25th September. All of these pictures come from the first day, which is Thursday 22nd September.

We’re sure that even more cosplayers will be at the event this weekend as not everyone can take time off of work to attend.

Anecdotally this Thursday was still rather busy as the halls filled up throughout the day and continued to be on the fuller side going into the late afternoon.

Looking through the gallery above and there’s a lot to be impressed by but our favourite has to be the Che Guevara. It’s not the most technically difficult cosplay out there, but the costume with all important facial and head hair really sells this one and we couldn’t help but smile seeing this every time we walked past the cosplayer today.

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