The Discourse Ep 1: 5G is here, should you be using it?

This episode of The Discourse is sponsored by OPPO.

While 2020 is remembered for the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns, it was also the year that telecommunications companies began rolling out 5G in earnest.

Unfortunately, the rollout of 5G alongside the spread of a deadly disease saw a large number of conspiracy theories come to the fore about the connection standard.

Now three years later 5G is in a somewhat better space, even if the standard hasn’t exactly been widely adopted.

One of the reasons 5G is lagging behind the likes of 5G is the fact that folks need to upgrade their devices and unfortunately, cutting-edge 5G tech is generally reserved for premium-tier mobile devices.

OPPO is trying to change that and so we brought in training manager at OPPO South Africa, Bradley Young, to discuss how the brand is making 5G more accessible. We’ve also brought in Business Unit Specialist – Connectivity & Voice at Nashua Kopano, Hettie Botha, to discuss how enterprise and the business world at large are utilising 5G at all.


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