30th November 2023 5:12 pm
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Rectron has your power needs sorted in three ways

South African tech distributor Rectron brings local customers the latest electronics at the best prices and it is the company working hard to bring you your favourite brands such as AMD, Cricut, Hisense, EVERKI, MSI, Logitech, and many, many more.

So encompassing is Rectron’s range of great brands that it also has you covered for power solutions. From keeping the lights on during loadshedding to going green with full solar, and even living off the grid, you can bet that Rectron brands have something for you.

Today let’s take a cursory look at a trio of brands that are all offering power solutions locally, and check back to this site in the near future for closer looks at each.


RCT is looking to become an all-encompassing brand in South Africa by offering products in its computing, peripheral and power solutions categories.

The power solutions are what we’re interested in today and there you can find a focus from the company on continuity and efficiency for home and business. To accomplish this RCT offers shoppers the full range of power products including inverters, high capacity battery backups, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and more.

While you can outfit your home or business with a complete RCT solution, the brand also has you covered when you’re on the go thanks to its MegaPower Power Banks. With their high capacity, multiple ports and full size South African plugs, all packed into compact Power Bank bodies, MegaPower is the way to go for the perfect balance between functionality and size.

Learn more at rctzone.co.za.


EcoFlow has pioneered portable power with a simple idea: what if you could power your house with the simplicity of a battery bank? Regular battery banks that you can fit in your pocket can barely charge a phone up a few times whereas EcoFlow Portable Power Stations have enough juice to keep entire homes running through loadshedding.

EcoFlow’s modular approach to this solution also means that you aren’t stuck with the capacity of the single Portable Power Station you buy, as it can be expanded with other Portable Power Stations or standalone battery units.

EcoFlow also gives you the option to go green with solar panels that are not only made to easily marry to the Portable Power Stations, but also to fold up and retain the portability the brand is so known for.

Learn more at rectronzone.co.za.


You probably already know Huawei for its wide range of electronics that you may already be using. Phones, tablets, wearables, notebooks, and more all come from this one manufacturer.

If you want to further your Huawei integration into your home or office, check out the company’s power offerings in the form of solar inverters and power modules to store the power from the sun and keep your space lit up for less money.

Huawei also offers a stacking solution we love within the Power-M system. Multiple Battery Modules can be stacked between a Power Module and the top and a Mounting Base at the bottom. This sleek system can attach to walls or sit on the floor to make a tower of power which suits your electrical needs and budget.

Learn more at rectronzone.co.za.