Can, or rather, should AI be making videogames?

AI here means, artificial intelligence built on top of large language models. We feel it important clarify because when one mentions AI in videogames, the rightful assumption is that we’re talking about the programmed NPCs one encounters in games.

Against a backdrop of evermore job losses in the videogame sector for this episode of Mass Debate we discuss the big bad of the working world, AI.

Unfortunately much of the conversation about AI centres around the technology replacing workers. Some have posited this may ultimately be more costly than keeping humans on but that hasn’t proved to be much of a deterrent.

Despite the controversy, AI can be useful in several areas especially when it comes to analysing a lot of code or hunting for bugs. In fact, some have the opinion that AI is simply a tool like Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop and learning how to harness that tool will be essential for future workers.

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[Image – Paku lurus from Pixabay]


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