28th February 2024 4:41 am
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Flying Freedom Day gloriously combines drones and craft beer

Software Freedom Day occupies a special place in the calendars of many makers and software nerds.

This international day of recognition is celebrated with events across the world that draw the maker and coder communities together.

South Africa’s Software Freedom Day will be marked by something special. We’ll let the organisers explain it:

“After a few beers at Saturday’s [we] spoke about what we can do for Software Freedom Day. Our drunken minds came up with Flying Freedom Day, and since it still sounded like a good idea when we sobered up.”

Their intoxicated – and then sobered – minds hit on the idea of taking Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and combining it with drone flying and craft beer. Some of the biggest local maker communities including  BinarySpaceHouse4Hack and the MakerSpace Foundation have teamed up for the event.

You can always bring your own drone to learn from the flying masters, and the beer is a great way to break the ice if you’re particularly shy (which you shouldn’t be, because the maker community is one of the friendliest you’ll ever come across). That beer will be provided by De Garve Brewery, as the event is being held on its grounds. Oh – and provided, we mean ‘made available’, not ‘free of charge’, so bring cash.

The event will also encompass 3D printing, practical workshops and exhibits of maker projects.

All you need to get in is book yourself a space – it’s free. Just remember that there are only 50 tickets available, so book now.


This all reminds us of a Youtube video in which an American beer company used a drone to deliver their beer to thirsty customers.

[Image – Youtube]

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