Watch: Full “Thank You SABC” music video released

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The full music video of the “Thank You SABC” song has finally been released.

The tune was commissioned by the SABC to celebrate its 90% local music quota on its 18 radio stations and features a number of popular local musicians singing it.

The song starts off with poet, Mzwakhe Mbuli, who’s also the song’s lead, reciting a short introductory poem.

“We applaud the monumental decision, 90% of South African content, 90% of better life, 90% of poverty alleviation, 90..90…90%. Bravo Hlaudi Motsoeneng  and your progressive team,” he says. “You old deserve gold medals!”

The chorus (which is just “Hlaudi” repeated four times) is dedicated to Motsoeneng, who is the brains behind the new quota, which will also be spilling over into SABC TV come next month.

The song is six minutes long, which is a bit odd given that there are only so many ways one can say “thank you SABC” and “thank you Hlaudi”.

Fortunately for the SABC, it looks like they saved quite a lot on shooting the video, which sees the musicians singing together in a studio surrounded by a black backdrop, otherwise it would give the DA more ammunition to nail them should it be found that high costs were involved in its making.

See the full video below (we challenge you to watch all six minutes and 44 seconds of it).

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