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Be a Heartbreaker with this 3D printed Iron Man helmet

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If you want 3D prints of Iron Man you’re in luck – you’ve got the basic arc reactor, a scaled model of the Mark I armour and even a 1:1 scale print of the Mark VI armour that you can wear.

Now we have a new entry in this: a wearable helmet based off of the Mark XVII “Heartbreaker” armour. Created by maker Nickolas Dudek as a remix of of a design published in 2016, this is still a work in progress with elements such as the jaw holding on to the main print with duct tape at the moment.

The version you see in the gallery below took 25 to 30 hours of printing and used around 600 grams of filament. It was worth the time and effort, we think. Just look at that cold robotic scowl.

If you want to be Iron Man without all the the trouble of being trapped in a cave, head on over to Thingiverse to download the files you’ll need to print this design.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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