Roll 3D printed yoga dice to determine your next pose

Well here’s a welcome break from the videogame and movie props that we usually feature: 3D printed dice that show you which yoga pose to do next.

Maker Todd Olsen tells us he created this design in Tinkercad to teach his kids how to do yoga, turning it into a game in the process.

Olsen created two versions of the design. The one you see in the gallery below was not painted and was instead printed in different colours by a multi-filament printer. The files to make this version are available on MyMiniFactory.

You’ll be getting a 6cm³ die that takes almost 16 hours to print, so keep that in mind.

If you have a more standard printer with one colour, this second version is available. It’s a bit larger at 8cm³ and will require some paint to make each side stand out a bit more.

Now we’re sure this idea has been done before in some way, but it’s always nice to get it for “free” if you don’t include the cost of filament.

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