This T-35A tank model is 3D printed and remote-controlled

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When we feature 3D prints with RC components they usually take the form of a car – either real or from a game – but today we have something from history in the form of this T-35A tank.

Maker Dean Rauch is to thank for this beauty which has one of the best paint jobs we’ve ever seen in a project like this.

Rauch, who is self-taught when it comes to CAD work, tells us that the model for this tank was created in Autodesk Inventor over the course of three weeks.

For reference a mesh from the game War Thunder was used, together with lots of historical photos and and some detailed 1/35th scale models.

Printing, assembly, testing and wiring took much longer eating up just under a year of free time to complete.

The raw printed pieces required a lot of sanding to fit the pieces together, with the completed tank measuring in at at a whopping 60.7 X 20 X 21.4 centimetres.

While the impressive paint here is normal model paint, the rust effect is actual rust from steel wool.

While we’ve included a gallery of pictures for you to peruse the details below, seeing the thing move is something else entirely, and you can watch just that on YouTube.

In the video you can see some of the other features such as the rotating turrets and a smoke machine used to simulate the exhaust. It’s also got some appropriate music for this Russian tank.

If all of that has inspired you to make your own, you can find the files to do so available on Thingiverse for free.

if you prefer your 3D printed tanks from the first World War, you can also recreate a Mark V landship.

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