htxt.africast – Loadshedding, Huawei Mate X and Google Stadia

South Africa is once again in darkness, but the africast comes to you this week regardless with this episode actually recorded, edited and uploaded on generator power.

As you may have guessed our first topic is loadshedding as the country is hit by it again. How we got here and where we’re going is a long, dreadful story, so we go over it and thr troubles we’re having, along with everyone else.

A little less worrisome is the upcoming Huawei Mate X which is another foldable phone coming to market. Just a few hours ago we had our hands on a prototype, so you can find out what this rather magical device is like when it’s finally in your hands. Just be prepared to pay dearly for the privilege once we have local pricing.

Finally we end off on Stadia, which is Google’s attempt to finally solve the fledgling market of game streaming services which remove the need for you to have actual hardware at home, but does introduce the problems of very high require internet speeds and physical distances to servers.

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