htxt.africast – Malkyrs, 5G and Anthem

If you like TCGs with a twist, faster internet on your phone, or the latest EA flop, this new africast is the place to be.

We start this week with Malkyrs, a recently funded card game with a big twist: each card contains an NFC tag that is read into a programme where you actually play the game. We were sent a few samplers of this interesting concept which looks to marry the best parts of paper and digital TCGs, and you can hear our first impressions here. Look out for something more in-depth in the future.

Next up is 5G, which is a topic we saw a lot of at the recent MWC 19. Aside from some promising leads about the tech being usable soon, it’s still something most of us wont be using for a while. On top of that: should the average person even care when 4G works so well already, and the cost of data remains so high in South Africa?

Finally we get into Anthem, EA’s big game that’s been lambasted the world over for myriad problems, least of which being the fact that Apex Legends is taking up the spotlight. Beneath all the problems, however, we do have some good things to say about this title.

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