htxt.africast – DC TV, Crosscall Trekker-X4 and Video Conferencing

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There may be a heat wave going on but we’ve turned off the fans and the air conditioning to record yet another edition of the africast.

Starting things off this week is DC, which now has two shows running that we’ve been watching. The first is Titans, which is in its second season. Probably best known for its initial trailer which featured the infamous phrase “f*ck Batman”, we’ve given it a chance and it’s actually decent for what it is. Next is the Watchmen TV series which premiered just this week on HBO and, if its first episode is anything to go by, this is a show you don’t want to miss.

Availability of these shows varies wildly depending on where you live and whether you choose to use a VPN, but in South Africa at least Titans is available for streaming on Netflix, and Watchmen is showing on DStv channel 101.

Next up is the Crosscall Trekker-X4, a weird but effective combination of a smartphone, rugged phone, and an action camera. If you’ve ever wanted or needed these three things rolled into one, this offering from Crosscall offers exactly that, but does come with some shortcomings. If you can cope with this and keep some limitations in mind (such as its bizarre external storage) you may want to consider it.

Finally we leave the studio for our last segment in which we interview Luke Bainbridge from Weston-Comstor. Bainbridge is the product manager for Poly (a recent merging of the Polycom and Plantronics brands), and discusses the evolving nature of video conferencing, what value it holds for businesses locally and what types of products Poly has in this regard.

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