htxt.africast – VR gaming, The Witcher and Windows 7 End of Life

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It is our first africast for the new decade and to mark the occasion we’ve gotten a special guest to join us in the form of Deon Du Plessis. He joins us to discuss VR gaming, but more about that shortly.

Before that we look at some of the key news stories that have caught our interest in our first week back, and one of the big ones is loadshedding, which kicked off again over the past weekend. Another key event to happen this week was the release of 2019 final Matric exam results, with the country setting a new record at 81.3 percent.

As for the meat of our africast, Du Plessis starts by talking about a recent purchase that he made during Black Friday – the Samsung HMD Odyssey+ mixed reality headset. Unlike many Black Friday purchases, this is one that he did not regret at all, providing several weeks on enjoyable gameplay, as well as reinvigorating his interest in the genre of VR titles.

Waxing lyrical this week too is Brendyn Lotz, who spend the holidays enjoying The Witcher in all its pop culture formats. This was initially brought about by the release of The Witcher on Netflix in December, starring Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. Following the series, Lotz also jumped back into some of the CD Projekt RED developed Witcher games, and The Wild Hunt in particular. As such there is now an eager wait for the second season which is due in 2021.

Rounding off this week, Robin-Leigh Chetty sits down with Helen Vermij, the brand manager for Microsoft at local technology distributor Pinnacle. He discusses the impending End of Life support for Windows 7, which is just around the corner on 14th January. Vermij looks at why businesses in particular need to upgrade to Windows 10, as well as the risks they run by not doing so.

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