The next Ghost Recon: Breakpoint update is a big one and has us excited

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Despite feeling like it was missing the magic captured in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, it’s still tough for us to call Ghost Recon: Breakpoint a bad game.

While there were problems with the game, there was a lot to enjoy once the frustrations abated.

That having been said, the game was a disappointment, perhaps not Anthem levels of disappointment but it wasn’t as well received as Wildlands was.

So what is the future for Breakpoint then? Is the game set to die in its current state?

Thankfully the answer to that is no and we don’t have to wait too long to find out if Ubisoft can “save” Breakpoint.

On 24th March, Ubisoft will deploy TU 2.0.0 for Breakpoint and it will include new narrative content, new classes, quality of life updates as well as a new gameplay mode.

The Regular Experience will let you play Breakpoint the way it was released. Immersive Experience removes gear level, tiered loot and introduces new tactical options for players.

The real gem here however is Custom Experience. In this mode everything can be customised including how quickly (or slowly) your stamina and health regenerates, what weapons can be equipped and more.

Among that “and more” is the option to lock everybody out of Erewhon in a private mode. This means you’ll only see NPCs and those in your party in Erewhon rather than everyone playing the game at that time.

In short, your entire gameplay experience can be fully customised so that Breakpoint plays the way you want to play it.

You can read more about Title Update 2.0.0 or as Ubisoft calls it “Ghost Experience” by visiting this link.

Delayed content and the future

Given the myriad problems Ubisoft has had to tackle with regards to Breakpoint, a lot of planned content has been delayed.

This is especially pertinent to players who purchased a Year 1 Pass for the game and are still waiting for content.

First off is the good news.

Ubisoft has said that its Year 1 Pass ends when it delivers the following content:

  • The Siren’s Call Day 1 mission.
  • Two upcoming new adventures in Auroa.
  • An early unlock for 3 new classes.
  • The Special Operations Forces Pack.

“Regardless of the release date, all Year 1 Pass owners will get access to the two upcoming adventures starting with Deep State, as well as early unlock for three new classes starting with the release of the Engineer,” said Ubisoft.

Both Deep State and the Engineer class will be available from 24th March.

Then, for those who enjoy Raids, you may want to head back to World of Warcraft or Destiny 2.

“In our original Year 1 plan, we wanted to follow up Project Titan with another raid. However, we want to make sure we are allocating our resources in the best places to create better experiences for our players,” explains Ubisoft.

“With this in mind, we have made the decision to replace the second raid with a future update to the Ghost Experience. Based on all the player feedback we’ve received online and in play testing, our team is confident that deepening the Ghost Experience is the right direction for the game.”

There’s no love lost in that regard. While Raids can be fun, it requires a special caring hand and a community that gets excited for new Raid day. Breakpoint really needs to focus on nailing the core experience before a Raid would be successful and we believe cancelling the second one is the right move here.

As for things that are coming to Breakpoint expect an offline mode where all multiplayer modes are locked off (obviously) but the PvE portion of the game works as it would if you were always online.

This offline mode will launch on 24th March.

Enemy AI improvements and AI teammates are still in development with an update to the latter coming soon.

All in all, these updates are rather great and have us excited to dive back into Breakpoint later this month.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz writes news, reviews, and opinion pieces for Hypertext. His interests include SMEs, innovation on the African continent, cybersecurity, blockchain, games, geek culture and YouTube.