The many technical problems of Marvel’s Avengers

Over the weekend Crystal Dynamics released patch V1.3.0 to address “over 1000 issues” in its game, Marvel’s Avengers. While this a great start to fixing this game, it’s also the perfect opportunity to catalogue some problems we experienced.

We’ve put a decent amount of hours into the game, playing the beta, a pre-release media copy of the final game, the 1.0 release and several iterations of the post-release patched version.

Our first humorous encounter involved Black Widow. During the first mission you get to play as this character in the PC beta, but her costume – and hair – completely disappeared. What makes this problem even funnier is that a seemingly black void replaced the usual Black Widow costume, but it still kind of looks like the usual skin tight black affair she’s known for.

While not apparent in our screenshots below, Black Widow’s head didn’t really stay attached to her body as you’d expect There was no spontaneous decapitation, but her head would roll around as we played.

In the release version of the game we experienced yet another glitch involving Black Widow.

During one of the mainline story missions you will face off against Monica Rappaccini in an exo-suit as a boss fight. This fight takes place suspended in the air on a platform with other platforms around which contain valuable health.

After being knocked around we jumped onto one of the extra platforms to heal up. When we jumped back the game put us into a state of slow mo that lasted the remainder of the fight until a cutscene took place at the end.

This type of slow motion is present in the game at certain moments, usually after a well timed dodge, but this is firmly in the mistake category.

During the fight we brought up the menu a few times to show that the rest of the game was still functioning as intended, and the voice lines from the characters still play at the expected speed.

If you were waiting for the monstrosity in our header image here it is: during the idle animation between missions we’ve found a collection of horrifying animation problems which sees Captain America’s face torn apart and his eyes falling out of his head.

This seems to only be a problem with the Front Line outfit, a special skin included in the game’s “Marvel Legacy Outfit Pack”. This pack was part of the pre-order bonuses.

We’ve only been able to replicate this problem with this specific skin. If you’ve seen it occur with other skins or even on other characters, please let us know.

These are just the three funniest problems that we’ve encountered. We’ve compiled a list of some of the more impactful ones below, and these don’t even include the rather poor performance experienced on PC. This game really chugs along even after the patches and on lower settings.

  • Tutorials not being able to be completed because it doesn’t register certain events.
  • Parts of the UI disappearing so you don’t know what your objective is, or when your skills are off cooldown.
  • The “Interrogation Anxiety” mission problem, which is a bug that makes progressing the story campaign impossible.
  • Changing characters before a mission can stop the mission from launching.
  • In the mission “Testing 1… 2… 3…” the pause menu stopped working as did the B button, so you couldn’t stop flying as Iron Man.
  • Talking animations not appearing.
  • Sarah Garza (Inhuman Alliance Faction Coordinator) repeating the line “seriously you’re the best” a dozen or so times every time you speak to her.

Again, these are just the problems we encountered in the game. If you pick it up you may see none of them at all, or entirely new ones.

Added to this is the fact that Crystal Dynamics is actively working on these issues and more. For example the problems with the “Interrogation Anxiety” mission as mentioned above are well known and have apparently been fixed already.

That being said technical problems still persist even after the big V1.3.0 patch and our advice from our review (below) remains the same: wait a good few more months, or even a year, before picking this game up.


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