htxt.africast – South Africa’s frustrating Black Friday

The most important thing happening today may be Black Friday, but it’s also the release of another episode of the africast and, hey, the main topic this week just so happens to be Black Friday itself.

Before that, however, let’s talk about some other news from the week. First up is the South African government, which has no qualms about its spending as it has been revealed that R360 billion was spent on education in the 2018/2019 fiscal year. Have you looked at our education system and thought “wow, I can really see where all the money went”?

Next up is Twitter and its verification process, which will be coming online again in 2021. Hopefuls looking for some blue ticks should take note, but we’re still not sure if the algorithms behind the system have also been addressed.

Our last bit of news is cybersecurity company Sophos experiencing a user data breach and not having a lot to say on the matter, despite a history of commenting on the breaches of other companies.

As mentioned, the main chunk of our podcast focuses on Black Friday. This American buying tradition has been firmly engrained in the South African culture for years now, but local companies still struggle offering compelling deals. When they do get this part of the event right, however, customers are usually met with countless site errors and wait times which completely nullify the experience.

In a year still wracked by a pandemic, going to physical stores for some money off is a terrible idea and, once again, South African companies have proven themselves inept when it comes to site infrastructure and stability.

Oh well, maybe next year.

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