htxt.africast – US elections and the fate of the tech world

Oh boy, it’s been a long week because the US elections are happening and they will affect the entire world. We discuss this in the latest edition of the africast.

Before we get into the heavy topic of politics, let’s touch on some smaller things.

In our faster sections this week we have two reviews to report on – Fitbit’s new smartwatch with some dodgy stress relief, and the fantastic new 4K IMAX release of Akira. One is clearly better than the other here.

Staying with hardware and we also cover the new Ryzen 5000 series of CPUs which have released worldwide so we can compare the prices in South Africa.

As for our main topic it’s the US elections. Current president Donald Trump has made waves in the tech world due to trading restrictions with China which affected the entire world of tech.

Most notably Huawei which lost partial access to the Android ecosystem. With the elections still not over we speculate about the next four years of tech should Trump steal a second turn, or if Joe Biden manages to win.

Both obviously have very different philosophies which may manifest in the tech we can buy, and how much we pay for it.

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