htxt.africast – People jumping the COVID-19 vaccine queue

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Editor’s Note: Please note that due to a misconfiguration of our recording software there is a persistent echo in this podcast. We have tried our best to alleviate the issue but unfortunately, one can’t unbake a cake. We apologise for the poor audio in this edition of the Africast. We are investigating what caused this problem and normal quality should resume from next week.

As it gets colder in South Africa the africast is back yet again for another episode that covers some controversial topics that did the rounds just recently.

Before that let’s look at some smaller stories such as New Pokémon Snap which we just reviewed. The full review, as well as everything else discussed in this episode, can be found in the list below. As a quick look New Pokémon Snap has it charms but it’s very shallow and could be experienced as a video or theme park ride.

Next up is MSI and its Afterburner software which has been the subject of a fake site looking to put malware on your computer. Avoid this fake site and always download it directly from MSI, though that was impossible for a short period.

Then there’s WhatsApp with today being D-day for a new privacy policy which has had people leaving the platform. WhatsApp owner Facebook continues to butt heads with governments and users over this new policy but it arrives regardless.

Our main topic this week is a small collection of people who, through boasting on Facebook and Twitter, have revealed that they have essentially skipped ahead in the queue to get vaccinated in South Africa. At the time of writing only frontline healthcare workers have legal access to the vaccine, with those over the age of 60 getting access later this month.

These people have begun a magnet for those upset that they and their loved ones are still at risk, and rightfully so. While excuses and lies have been provided, it all comes across like the childhood lie of how something was achieved underhandedly: it fell off a truck.

With that in mind our header image today comes from The Simpsons which used this famous lie as a gag.

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